April-May “Marathon of Hope”

„Mini-marathon of Hope”

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Life beats the movie! I think we shall be entitled following three weeks ahead. The life of a parent who has special kid taking a decision on it is common place. That then, is managing the consequences of that decision, you can easily compare with Bunge jump jumping.
From September last year to try to catch a Recovery Center Metodo essentis in Barcelona, I say in advance so we can manage finances. But no response, until a few days ago, when a group of mothers see Posting Romanian woman is her therapy. I used it for making an appointment, but from July onwards, just to be sure that the necessary funds will be available. But they only empty seat in the series May 18 to May 29, the rest of the year is already busy. I learned, however, that the mother of the child especially, the need to seize every opportunity / chance / luck / matching situations / unexpected, howsoever name. And I said yes mommy to book your place. Then followed two days of maximum stress on the mail did not come for official confirmation. After the mail came, followed two days of Euro 3500 OMG I need 3 weeks. I have about 3 hours a day you can allocate “tumbelor” that round up income and thus fail me “twisted” about 2000 lei per month for Briana therapies. But as only a mother more not shown. These 2,000 lei for May, even though we are in April, I already allocated by paying the booking site.
It should be 13500 J. Assembly this amount will initiate campaign “Mini-Marathon of Hope”.
And how God will never leave us heavily, I came some ideas for raising acetic amounts and gradually you will hear in coming days. Besides already the first people who wished to engage their presence felt. Thus, this Sunday, Father Orthodox Church from the parish and parishioners involved and will support us to manage to gather at least some amount. A mother from us the directed amount of 1000 lei of income and IACA so my ticket and Briana is assured. We thank Ms. Madalina .
Alice on facebook address Suttyak have a photo album with objects that they will sell off and that will bring some of the required amount. They are in discussions with others who fondly Bri will give us their time and cons of vouchers for various activities for children, will gather some funds.
You can be together and Briana Association through donations account by redirecting the 2% tax on the salary or the 20% of income tax for companies. The 2% they will use the fund therapies for the year 2016 but the 20% can use now. We have paypal account: ongbrianamarisa@yahoo.com (I have yet to confirm that it is functional), for those who prefer this option. Data association are: Association “Marius” with headquarters in Timisoara, Timis, str. Aleea Hotinului No. 11, sc. B, ap. 7 C.I.F. 15097948, E 69 BACX account 0000000926691000, Unicredit Tiriac.
I always hoped not to have to do this kind of fundraising, because they are aware that for all life is hard, so if possible I will try to offer something in return. Thank you for joining us and we feel even closer to virtual special moments.

Results campaign “Mini Marathon of Hope”

I have to start from a fragment currently circulating on facebook and describes very well what I live now as a parent of a child with special needs: “… the most important moments of our lives are those that take us by surprise and can mean nothing for those around us …” but for me and Brian can mean a chance to therapies.
Something like that can describe what happened in the last two weeks since we started the campaign “mini-Marathon of Hope” through which you applied for the congregation amount of 3000 euro for the therapy of Barcelona.
With great emotion and happiness to announce that we managed !!! And I confess that I lived every day of those two weeks, at least one important moment in the light of what passed 4 years now I have said it very hard to be taken by surprise, but some of I have failed. Thank you dear friends !!!
I am grateful that the maximum you gave me no respite to think about the financial and mental calming got to have time to prepare it and what awaits Briana therapies. I think I’m on the right track, says singing since kindergarten that she will go to Barcelona to therapies. I play Ana last discussion with parents, girlfriend and her roommate degrees:
“Simo, I go to the boats, so if you hear me have to give me … Adi beep, I’ll excuse me, but I will not have time to go buy your scarf (Adi collects football scarves ) to be employed for a hard therapies …”
As financial report of what happened at MiniMaratonul Hope, the figures are: 8600 lei made from diverting 20% of tax (involving the three companies and the Romanian Orthodox Parish and the community Party represented by Mr. parent Bistrian Simion) . 920 lei from selling various products on sale, many of them donated virtual store of Brian made dear friends. 3900 lei donations gathered money. Words of thanks are not enough to express what I had to convey. Together you create an opportunity that has come true, now called Therapies in Barcelona in January.

Therapy Barcelona 1 was an experience many benefits, intellectual experience, therapeutic, educational, Perception and more than that, I feel as if I followed once again the primary school but at faculty from many points of view. Mi.am changed perceptions mi.am polished skills, m.am felt accepted as normal even if the particular child mother. For the Spanish mentality within special children there but children whose special needs are heavier normality of life.


Marisa Briana