23 January – Osteopathic conference “Metoda Essentis”

Informational medical event

Special guest – FREDERIC Guez (Fran? A, 1979), licensed Osteopath D.O. (Atman-France) MROE n. 82, Professor master osteopathic pediatric to University of Murcia, Professor Osteopathy Clinic in the European College of Osteopathy (University of France) also he is Director and Founder of the Center Essentis (Barcelona) and Specialist Therasuit (Detroit.USA).



Curriculum Vitae :
Osteopath D.O. (Fr) M.R.O.E n.0082
General Manager and Creator Essentis-Method®
Prof. master osteopathic pediatry University of Murcia
Prof. Osteopathic clinic in European Osteopathic College (University of PARIS)
Specialist Therasuit ® et Mollii suit®

Frederic Guez designed and implemented a successful method of treatment complex applied to various other therapies osteopathy for children with various cerebral palsy and children with autistic spectrum disorders.


Marisa Briana