December 2, 2015

After hydrotherapy walk the wrong time, and my knee snaps and barely can walk. Briana tell her to keep it over my neck and be easier to carry from one building to another. After the necessary questions: Why do I hurt? How cool? How? In what way? Briana Andra’s chorus began to sing “will be good …. eeee ….” and ţinut.o so until I got to the other building.


November 9, 2015

“My love more brushing your teeth and ready to go nani”
– “Why me about my love?”
– “But what does that tell you my love?”
– “Better to tell me beautiful”


October 4, 2015

Last night, before bedtime he made me take off my chest, I miss being cuddly. She muttered under his breath and at one time stood in hands and tells me he loves me. Obviously I answered me too. Still mumbles a bit and again rises at the hands “Mommy feel good with me?” Try not to laugh and I respond, “Sure dear Mommy”. Continue to grumbled and suddenly stood again in my hands, my face turnswith the palm, make eye contact and ask me directly approached pressed “How good you feel with me, Mommy?” I eyes wide and I answer “I feel very well with you, the better,” Briana he places his head on my chest slightly and tells her conclusion: “So, I was thinking and I” :))))


September 14, 2015

Briana tactfully rubbing his feet together. … He turns and begins a monologue more:
“Mommy know why I did that with my feet? I can not believe it! If you can imagine that I had a flea on foot nail.” Beard smiles and continues … “God, what a thing .. . hear you have a flea on the nail, anything like this … I can not believe … I too am amazed at the stuff … “I could only listen as jabbered same idea but instead changing expressions.


Marisa Briana