Even if i can not write, i thank you through Mom and Dad for your time of reading these lines and i expect you all to meet me and to know me if you have the chance. I am a Crystal Angel: Marisa Briana! and I invite you to see the world through my eyes, eyes that see beyond souls!
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Briana Marisa – Our Angel

A child is reaching the Divine here on Earth. We see Heaven through his eyes, through his soul. Mom always wanted this gift from God and behold, that eventually he listened and after almost 3 years of prayers gave her little soul, me Marisa Briana .

Although my arrinving into this world was one with many adventures, when she saw me and heard my cry, her heart became full. Oh, but God wanted that this gift willl be expensive paid. Or perhaps, is what some parents have to live, so they can really appreciate what they are getting.

About me, my parents found out within a few hours of birth that i have various problems about wich unfortunately doctors could not give concrete answers. We had many adventures, and Mom and Dad spent many sleepless nights, with rivers of tears on my cheeks drained. The only joy in all this amalgam of helplessness, pain and sorrow, was my candid face.

After the tragic emotional insomnia, which lasted several weeks, Mom and Dad found out that we harness a long struggle with the medical system and with a serious illness that currently has no cure but only a few forms of therapy.

Perhaps many would have given up this battle, but not my parents. No single moment ceased to hope that I will get through it. I am all that thay have, the most expensive thing in the world and they enjoy every second of my life. They all say that my smile melts souls and goes beyond what people can perceive . Mom always promise that she will continue to fight for me and tells me that i must keep fighting because the results already appear.

To lead this war, we need many spiritual resources, but especially material resources. There are people who helped me and help me and I am convinced that among you who read this there are people who can be with me. I think you all know how important is to see, to walk and to be healthy.

We, the kids, are your future and depends on you and all of you to have this future. Any sacrifice is a brick placed on our development and evolution.

Marisa Briana