I said in early 2015 that therapeutic goals are mad, but still hope to be ticked. APAIE every fool is fleeting, because I checked.

The financial part, huh, I still can not believe I covered it. Intensive: 9 sessions in Alba Iulia and 2 to Barcelona, plus many hours of psycho-kinetic and ergo made locally generated a budget of approximately 80,000 lei (about 18,000 euros).

But it was all possible because of you. A big thank you dear. As I have been writing on facebook repeatedly, can not express enough gratitude in words and suitable for all your support and continue. But I think progress Briana enjoy as much soul as new.

Briana therapies in 2016 we want to be as varied and professional. Their programming is already done and the costs are approximated to calculate the necessary budget.

January 8 open and therapeutic path that throughout 2016 requires a budget of around 114,000 lei (about 25,000 euros). We went on the road with a budget of 17,000 lei already available, of which 8,000 come from the Banat Series event at Flonta 5,000 lei redirects 20% of tax 4,000 lei already entered the formulation of 2% on 2014.

Therefore, please again and we are praying and throughout the coming year to support us with forms 2% and if you know companies paying tax on profits, to tell Brian and a simple sponsorship I can they target the 20% of tax profitîn place to the state.

Since the money approx 600 forms 2% of Timis county have not gone, but probably 30% of the budget necessary we will have available, but still remains covered an amount science fiction. So let me remain as crazy and dreamy and believe in the magic of fulfillment and objectives in 2016.

We wish you
Health! Joy! Quiet holiday! God help us!

Marisa Briana