Therapies 2015 – Progresses July-December

These days (August 2015) I worked on updating the site information Brian. I realized that during the passage of time is hard to see how much a child can recover particular, the improvements are small and evolving over time. This year I realize how much we have achieved, because writing lines progress, following posts on facebook timeline that seems never-ending.
After 9 sessions in rehab therapies in Alba Iulia and two sessions at the center in Barcelona (May and November) Briana (4.5 years) has the obvious progress on the motor, gross motor skills from the fine fraction and physiologic . But take them in turn:
– succeeds usually drink only water container (no special bottles with a dropper)


– succeeds to drink one glass milk without handles aids
– succeeds to start walking more or less correct, the special lining appliances


– has the completely sphincter control (I got rid of diapers)
– succeeds to sit upright without support for more than a few seconds to recover imbalance rests on the palm or elbow if necessary, to return to the sitting position


– newest succeeds up unaided sitting on a plane inclined at 45 gr
– succeeds up the comeback leaned forward in the vertical position without any help


– succeeds stand in water, sitting on the stairs without external support, including arms and legs move simultaneously without unbalance


– succeeds eat solid food alone, but with spoon (do not fork)


– escaped from chronic constipation.
Briana – a happy little girl


Where did I start?
Diagnosis: tetra spastic myopia -21 to -24 OD OS, coroidoză myopia
– Born prematurely at 30 weeks, Apgar score 7 weighing 1.900 kg
– 3 weeks was laser surgery for retinopathy of prematurity gr 2 gr 3 OS and OD.
– 6 months prior “vegetable”. Start Program and visual stimulation from Pufan
– 8 months starts to stretch her hands to toys.
– To 10 months open for a few seconds toes of the hands and succeeds in catching toys with them, we can assess its first order and receive corrective glasses -4 -4 OS and OD.
– 1 new year return on both sides and receives first contact lens correction -8 to -10.
– 1 year and a half rolls one day get to corrective lenses -15 and -17 values. – 2 years full assessment ochişorilor succeed, myopia values ​​being -21 to -24 OD and OS bad news, because the eyeballs entered degeneration with increased risk of complications.
– 2 years and 8 months, and we enrolled in a rehabilitation program in acupuncture after two months, I succeeded to stand alone with support ass.
– At 2 years and 10 months, we learned to chew food and to accept and not only crushed pieces. So we managed to drink water with successive bites. And now
– Almost four years we have no tangible progress was recovered cognition, but motor are still at the stage of state support in the ass, we step more difficult and unfair because it had a growth spurt and muscles are not developed enough how to support the new weight.
All these improvements translate, unfortunately, Pine huge amounts of money. Therapies this year have generated some expenses more than 17,000 euros.

Marisa Briana