Therapies 2015 – Progresses January-June

To all our dear friends, you are together and track the progress of Brian back with a historic low of therapy conducted in this year 2015. The good news is detailed below. Everything was possible thanks to RON 9,000 entrants for 2013 of 200 2% formulation that have been directed Brian. The bad news ended funds.

3 ani 10 luni

In January I was in an evaluation in Italy at a recovery center is directly interested primarily children who have serious problems of view and only the background accompanying issues.
I conducted an extensive evaluation to-side and motor side visual and cognitive and psychosocial development. The conclusion was one not too happy on the visual part because Briana has an eye only 15% functionality, but I’m glad it has and even if the value is horror, her purchases are surprising, it recovered its cognitive age level. The part left me puzzled was more than the day of departure, you can not describe what I felt. The chief psychologist of the assessment team, together with three other colleagues, came personally to wish health, good journey home and she thanked me as a mother that I offered him the opportunity to know, to evaluate and work with Briana little. He told me it is an honor for him that he knew. At that moment I felt that all this struggle daily with recoveries, with fundraising therapy, chaos and nebula in which they live 4 years now have not been in vain and we achieved a lot (and are proud of me but Briana choice).

Hidroterapie Alba-Iulia 23.03.2015 – LA MULTI ANI BRIANA !

2015-03-23 alba

In February, more specifically in 17, I began the 40 days of recovery carousel intensive Maria Beatrice center of Alba Iulia. Hats entire team. They do a wonderful job and honor the concept of kinetic therapists trained and specialized in the recovery of children with cerebral palsy. Honesty you! dear ones.

Mecanoterapie Alba-Iulia 26.03.2015

2015-03-26 alba

In the first session I did not know that we will succeed minimaraton because the whole year is full, but how children are children, anything is possible and unforeseen occurs. However, spot, seeing how well it works Bri, I began to want more than we can stand to a session and after one to see already the end, until Easter. Briana depend much to resist and because all yielded little in week 3, physical and mental stress is enormous filed and parents for financial support. But he resisted, and made could still recover and lunch. But nothing is more gratifying than the results, which are wonderful, unexpected and unexpectedly. As always my little Bri never ceases to amaze me, me the life lessons to help me resist, to keep the nebula called recovery.

Mecanoterapie Alba-Iulia 16.02.2015

Bri 3 ani 11 luni

The results are fantastic deck motor. Improve muscle tone has a 40% overall body. Back muscles were strengthened about 20%. Abdominal muscles by about 45% (almost zero). 30% leg muscles, the muscles of hands by 60%, while the left hand is 80% less functional than earlier this minimaraton.

Mecanoterapie Alba-Iulia 17.02.2015

bri mecano

The neck muscles by 50%, now it is drip rarely in a head part (only when very tired). The muscles of the pelvis by over 20%. He can stretch both hands overhead learned to deşrubeze and screwed up his manic tragele the elbow with both hands, both hands, and vice versa.

Bri alba

We do not have any problems with chewing, swallowing liquids is somewhere around 80%. D.p.d.v. Psychologically, it is not so anxious, so sometimes ashamed. Excellent collaborates with adults and children and strangers. Cognitv is recovered 100%.

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